True True Love, Betrayal, Trust Issues, Hearts in Chests, Etc.


First and foremost, because this is the foundation for a lot of what the rest of my interpretations are based on – I think it can certainly be argued that the whole point the Davy Jones/Tia Dalma-slash-Calypso story was ever introduced to these movies, even back in Dead Man’s Chest, was in order to parallel it to Will/Elizabeth. The parallels were obviously crafted with intricacy – we even spotted them back in Dead Man’s Chest, before any of it became too overt: “a touch of destiny,” the strange chemistry between Tia and Will, and, of course, Tia’s description of a woman who fueled Davy Jones’ entire story – “a woman as changing and harsh and untamable as the sea.” Meanwhile, we watched Elizabeth make the swift transition from discontent damsel to capable pirate – it’s obvious that it’s not just Calypso we’re talking about with that line.

This does, of course, bring juxtaposition into play as well: Davy and Calypso’s love, though strong as ever even in At World’s End, is corrupted by deceit and betrayal; Will and Elizabeth’s is allegedly true, which ensures that Elizabeth won’t take to resurrecting dead pirate captains in her spare time and Will won’t grow a squid on his face. But really, we see Will and Elizabeth struggling with trust issue and deception and betrayal throughout the whole film, and, oddly enough, we haven’t seen any evidence of them being resolved when they marry at the end – only forgotten. Which begs the question, is the difference between the two pairs really so pronounced? Is Will and Elizabeth’s love as ideal as it first seems on the surface?

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