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∟ anonymous asked: Sparrabeth or Willabeth

robertcarlyle asked:"even if it was only for a short amount of time (in canon of c) jack was the thing elizabeth wanted most in the world"


and then she spent the rest of her life the movie staring at him longingly like “shit i really do want him” aND IT GOT TO THE POINT THAT EVEN NORRINGTON NOTICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robertcarlyle asked:"remember when seeing elizabeths face and just hearing her voice was enough to wake up jack from his trance of his crew being a hallucination because elizabeth is so real and the feelings she gives him are too real to not be there"



robertcarlyle asked:"remember when elizabeth was the most eager to get jack back from davy jones' locker"


remember when they finally got him and she instinctively started to run towards him but then realized will the third wheel was there and she had to stop herself

robertcarlyle asked:"remember when elizabeth fell into a depression because she let jack die and she realized she would happily die with him"


and then she LITERALLY traveled to the ends of the earth to get him back. and he thought it was just bc she felt guilty. but he didnt know that the compass once pointed to him and norrington saw the way she looked at him. it’s fine. im fine. nothing to see here. no tears from me lol!

Hey gurl its been awhile since we’ve talked but i was in class today (same class that talked about the ‘love triangle’ in potc and the whole desire thing) and i got some ideas so imma just drop all my thoughts into your submit box, hope you’re ready (like i literally wrote this in my notebook from school so this’ll be pretty much word for word omfg)


Jack is the only one who actually accepts Lizzie for who she really is- has never put ‘pressure’ on her, she has always made her own decisions when regarding him. With Will she needed to be a blacksmith’s/sailor’s wife. He doesn’t want to be a pirate and so cannot accept the pirate in her. Norrington wanted the governor’s daughter- the persona Lizzie put on for most of her life. He never liked pirates- spent his entire career dealing with, killing, and putting them away.

Jack recognizes the kindred spirit within her, recognizes the urges and desires she has and is fully in favor of her exploring and accepting them. Essentially he is the gateway to her dreams, he represents them in a way. Norrington represents her past, Will her present and possible future, and Jack represents her dreams that she cannot have and that is the tragedy of her life, the tragedy of this story and it is why she is definitely the main character of this franchise. She actually manages to get the taste she wanted- she kissed him, she lied, she stole, she became a pirate and even became their King, but she couldnt keep it and that is the worst part of it all. Lizzie was able to have a taste of her dreams and then once again they were snatched away. 


But this whole thing came from when he started discussing the concept of homosocial relationships and rivalries between men. Like when two men have a semi rivalry or a woman comes between them the woman’s importance ceases to exist in the face of said rivalry. And this got me to thinking about how Jack is pretty much the only one to take Lizzie as she is and what she wants to be. Because Jack wasnt even really considered a part of the ‘love triangle’ when my class was discussing it, It was mostly between Will and Norrington (tho jack’s name was thrown in like once bc of what happened in DMC i suppose but they dont understand the whole thing like we do gurl) and i find that interesting, especially in comparison to how Norrington and Will perceive Lizzie throughout the series and how her fate ultimately ends :(( 

Anyway, I know half of this isnt legible but yea i just basically word vomited into your askbox so ahahaha im so sorry. Hope you’re doing well and life is treating you amazingly :)))

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Anonymous asked:"Sparribeth"


{Firstly, I do believe you mean Sparrabeth. If not, then the following is going to be entirely redundant}

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potcmeme: [4/4] bro/otps
      ” You won’t be able to resist ”

deppslove asked:"have you noticed that Lizzie spent more time with Jack than with Will? and she feels more comfortable with Jack bc he's pirate SO IS SHE and she doesn't need to observe the manners or act like lady with him. she's fuckin pirate king :D"