Skin Ink.


A/N: Please, don’t kill me. This is my first attempt at writing in English. This was a one-shot I wrote a long time ago, but in Spanish. I tried to translate it, but then the gorgeous and wonderful writter Florencia7 did the beta. So now it looks like poetry. All of the poetry, it’s because she turned the words into musical notes.

So here it is, "Skin ink".

Summary: Jack gets a new tattoo: something he will never forget. Or someone.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Angelica, Elizabeth Swann (implied).

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Once upon a time, Jack had thought that it would’ve been a proper or even a necessary course of action to get a new tattoo. Still, his recent decision, his need, to get this particular tattoo had caught him a little off guard.

He looked at his chest, at the two black bullet scars that were now accompanied by a new image. Well done. Yes. He felt rather glad he’d managed to escape rather quickly from that unsavory place where a few sailors had been waiting for their turn to get their memories engraved into their skin with black ink.

Now that he was back in his cabin, Jack could take a closer look at the animal that was painted over his ribcage. His skin there was still sensitive and itchy, but he kept himself from scratching it to avoid the risk of infection and the risk was high considering the state of his nails.

A knock on the door startled him, interrupting his scrutiny. His eyes shifted to the side and he saw a figure staring at him from the door.

Jack rolled his eyes and smiled at the black-haired woman who gave him a sly smile in return, before closing the door behind her and taking a seat on the bed, her brown eyes penetrating his when he made an effort to hold her gaze.

“I didn’t know where you went,” she said, her palms moving to caress Jack’s back.

She loved the poem that was inscribed on his skin there. She didn’t really know the meaning of it… But she was neither well-read nor curious, so she couldn’t care less about the meaning of the poem. She liked it because it was mysterious and mystery was a part of Jack’s charm. She loved to touch the words on his back when he was all over her at night. She could feel that he was hers. All his tattoos, all of them. Every piece of his skin belonged to her.

He was looking at himself in the mirror while she was looking at his reflection, admiring the man she now had by her side every day of her life.

“Should I be worried?” Angelica asked with a shadow of a smile on her lips, tracing the new tattoo on Jack’s chest, contemplating it. She delicately kissed his neck without noticing that Jack’s countenance turned glum. “Should I?”

“You should be worried about your father trying to murder me every time he sees me,” Jack growled.

“I’ll take care of that. I promise. He’s just jealous about his little girl, all grown-up.”

Jack smiled a broken smile, his eyes fixed on his chest.

“Luv… Could you do the morning shift today? I prefer to do the night shift. You know, The Pearl and I, sailing through the night…”

Angelica half-closed her eyes and got up from the bed.

“Always the damned boat first,” she muttered, throwing a hurt look at Jack.

“You know, if you love Captain Jack Sparrow, you must love the Black Pearl. Don’t forget that”.

Laughing, she rolled her eyes and headed for the door.

“I won’t. You’re unbearable, Jack. But I still love you. Or perhaps I should be more reasonable?” She teased.

“Aye, maybe,” Jack answered absently, trying to conceal the indifference in his voice, which wasn’t easy, even though he kept reminding himself that without Angelica he would’ve been a dead man. For the time being she was their, the Pearl’s and his, salvation.

Before she stepped out of the Captain’s Quarters, Angelica took one more look at Jack’s new tattoo.

“By the way…” she said as an afterthought.


“Another bird? Wasn’t one quite enough?” She asked, watching his face in an effort to decipher his slightly baffling reaction to her words.

Because a candelabra full of candles couldn’t have brightened the room more than Jack’s eyes did when he whispered. “Once- One’s never quite enough, luv. And this… this is not just a bird. It’s a swan.”

Angelica raised her eyebrows, a mixture of amusement and sincere surprise clear on her face. “I didn’t know you were a swan lover,” she said dubiously.

Jack’s eyes darkened with longing. He looked into the mirror and gently, carefully touched the swan that was tattooed right above his heart, its wings spread as if it was about to spring into the air and fly away. “You have no idea.”


Making Sparrabeth edits (as you do) and I just noticed… in AWE in virtually all of the J/E moments (barring the brethren scene) Jack has his hat on, whereas in DMC and CotBP in all of their key scenes he doesn’t (i.e when he first saves her from drowning, island scene, curiosity + kiss scenes)

- Theory that perhaps his hat acts as a kind of armour for him? to protect him against his feelings? that he thinks if he puts the whole ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ facade hat on then he’s immune from her charms? Idk putting stuff out there haha :D


fangirl challange: [4|15] pairings → elizabeth&jack (pirates of the caribbean)

"We are very much alike, you and I. I and you. Us"


POTC MEME: [1/3 brotps/otps] » Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann

We are very much alike, you and I. I and you. Us.


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i like it | jack + elizabeth

F a v o u r i t e  M o v i e  O T P ’ s
Captain Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swan ->  The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series 


Also okay imma throw out some stuff about Elizabeth pairings

Will and Elizabeth have serious communication issues. All of their big secrets and plans are kept from each other.They don’t even really talk in the last movie, and when they do they’re just awkward and reserved. 

Plus, they both grow and change the last two movies in ways that definitely call for some relationship reevaluation. Will prioritizes his father over Elizabeth, and Elizabeth becomes pirate king — she proves herself to be an effective leader, an impressive fighter, and a killer pirate. Do either of them really still want the settled down married life they were planning on living?

Okay so let’s talk about Jack/Elizabeth.

Jack GETS Elizabeth. He GETS her. He trusts her and understands what makes her a good pirate. And she gets him! She can see underneath his swagger to his fucking heart of gold and my GOD how are you not moved by how they change and grow together

The end of the second movie gets me EVERY time — Jack performs a courageous deed and shows himself to be a good man; Elizabeth acts on selfish impulse to protect herself

like my GOD the way they interact is ELECTRIC and a MILLION times more interesting and dynamic then Will swooning over Elizabeth

They would have made an absolutely incredible pair and it is actually ridiculous to think that Elizabeth, a courageous Pirate King, would ever leave her pirate life behind to sit on her bum and wait for Will to come visit her every ten years.

EDIT: Although I don’t think Jack and Elizabeth could have ever had a traditional relationship. I’m thinking it would have had to be without labels and exclusivity, but with a deep underlying emotional connection and commitment to the other.